Litigation Support Services

Your best chance

When considering civil action give serious thought to

Witness deposition and testimony

Litigation Support involves depositions. We have given deposition testimony numerous times for Plaintiff's and Defendants, so we are very familiar with how the system works. Many times attorneys litigating a case will petition or subpoena Expert Witnesses for the purpose of deposing them under oath. This is simply hearing what the expert has to say in matters pertaining to your case. The attorney may or may not use the Expert Witness deposition during the trial.

Prepping the attorney

We have special talent preparing attorneys in ways that give them the edge in court. Attorneys do legal wrangling inside the courtroom, but to be successful in litigating your case, they need help from experts in various fields and occupations who provide facts, evidence, building codes, floor system standards and product requirements. The Expert Witness is hired to help the attorney by providing pertinent information, compare industry standards, comment on statements in other reports, review reports produced by other experts and contractors, and other services necessary to prepare winning strategies for deposing and cross-examining the adverse expert in deposition and open court. You need our caliber Expert Witness on your team to diminish the opposing expert's credibility in the eyes of the judge and jury.

Case review

We're looking for substance and truth; therefore, only items worthy of note should be considered and included in a case review, e.g. contracts, proposals, supporting documents, building plans, building codes, construction materials, facts and evidence. These are items of substance that help the attorney determine if your case should or should not go to trial. Frequently cases are settled out of court based of the finding of Expert Witnesses and or Forensic Examiners.

System analysis

Before civil action is filed it is imperative that causes surrounding the wood flooring complaint be inspected first, followed by a product analysis if necessary. Only a Certified Professional Wood Flooring Inspector with ICC credentials should be engaged to do this work, which takes place at the home or commercial jobsite. In certain cases the Expert Witness or Forensic Examiner will remove wood flooring and related products for a more complete evaluation.

Systems failure

Sometimes wood flooring systems fall short of what is required or expected of them. This is simply a failure to perform caused by something that can be present and important but not immediately obvious to an untrained eye. It could be a breakdown or decline in the performance of the structure that causes something to stop working or stops working adequately, or it could be a product failure unknown to the homeowner. Our discovery techniques will uncover and expose the source or reasons for failure in building systems.

Product analysis

There are hundreds of wood flooring products on the market ranging from domestic to exotic, from solid to engineered, and from strips to planks. No manufacturer claims their product is perfect and without blemish. In fact most manufacturers openly state that 5% of their wood flooring has milling or finish defects. These defective pieces are required to be culled and sent back for exchange or reimbursement. Unfortunately contractors don't always remove defective pieces and install them with good flooring. Our responsibilities are to examine installed flooring and left over material, if any, and render an opinion as to whether the product is defected, damaged during installation or abused by the end user.