You are looking at a wood floor that took approximately 30 minutes to design. Building this floor with medallion inlay and embellishments involved the skills of five international craftsmen from Georgia, New York, Canada, Vietnam and Romania working a total of 160 man hours to complete. I was the team member from Georgia. The custom design medallion was the focal point in a 16' x 22' solid white oak wood floor. The medallion was removed before demolishing the floor after an exhibition. A Brazilian walnut border was added later when sizing the medallion (38" x 54") for my office desk top. The image has been registered and is my wood flooring inspection and consultation company logo.

Materials: Brazilian walnut, very rare heavy mineral streaked hard maple, white oak strip flooring, square aluminum rod bent on a perfect radius and chipped glass mixed with blue epoxy. The medallion was sanded 10 times and 5 coats of premium urethane were applied to the surface.